Freedom Caregivers, Inc., Skilled Home Health Care, Upper Sandusky, OH

We want to share what our clients are saying about Freedom Caregivers in home care:

    the agency that prides itself on Providing Dignified and Compassionate Care in Your Home

"My aunt would not be able to stay at home without your caregivers. You make the difference in her being able to remain at home."  - Jerry K, Upper Sandusky

"All of my husband's caregivers are excellent - very professional. They make my husband laugh; all of your

caregivers who come to our home get along with him well. And tell people looking for a caregiver that the Area

Agency on Aging referred us to Freedom Caregivers." - Renee G, Mansfield

"My husband and I like Freedom Caregivers. We know we can call the office and receive an immediate response;

your agency is easy to work with. All of my husband's caregivers are caring and do their best to meet his - and

our - needs. I don't know what I'd do without them. And, our experience with Christen has been stupendous!

She just makes things happen, like searching for and finding items while out shopping or running errands for us that we can't find ourselves." - Jean K, Mansfield

"Sharron has been a pleasure to work with. She has found just the right caregivers for Mom, which has been a game-changing, life-changing event for my mom and family." - Beth M, Marion

"Caregiver Nicole is always on time, polite, and considerate. She does a great job at my home and I couldn't ask for a better caregiver. I'm very happy." - Ronald L, Marion

"Linda is the best ever - couldn't ask for a nicer, more dependable, more efficient caregiver. Please DON'T EVER take her away!" - Debra C & Violet O, Mansfield

"Casta is wonderful and I just love her. She jumps right in and doesn't stop until it's time for her to go!" - Teresa W, Marion

From client Debra M, Marion, "Sabrina is an absolute joy. She has a great attitude, is always on time, helps me with showers, with skin care and with foot care. I love her to pieces!"